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Birthday so far has had it's ups and downs.

I got up this morning hung over and fuzzy for several hours.    Almost choked on a cupcake.    Went to the dump and that took almost an hour, it was packed.    Had to clean the van, made a real mess.    Went (had to) shopping with Lucy for food and what ever.    Went with Zman to see Iron-Man 3.....GREAT!     Went out back after getting home to cut brush.    Knocked a tree loose from it's roots (big one) and it fell just missing (I thought)!    Well it cut my head real long.    Nice big cut.    No stitches, just fraking pain.    Been drinking for the rest of the day.   O ya dinner was real great.   Pork!     Let's see if time at the Pearl Street Pub will go okay tonight.    I hope. 

I just used up one more of my nine lives.....
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