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Talking about pussy GIFS!

Rubbing is good.

Here kitty...kitty!

Tony is dead!

To much anger maybe?    He is really dead.   Heart attack and gone.   Darn....Good actor.

Most rich guys are counting money off the back of a 10,000 dollar a night whore's back and don't care.

Or they are looking at this over and over again and don't have time to care.    Okay sure there's nothing wrong with that.  

Hanna Montana is gone and dead!


Now it's Miley all the way.    I kind of miss the pop rock stuff.    Go to the link and watch the kink.

Why do all the very smart people like to have sex with kids?


This dude went to Mexico and had sex with kids.    Are you kidding me?    He's an ex-USC professor.    He has a degree in ultra stupid!    Sure I admit a lot of real dumb dudes like to hurt kids too.   But man it seems like a lot more of these dudes are well educated men.  

They have very hot Mexican whores down there.    Hell all shapes and sizes.    Any color.   DA!

If your tastes go this way.....well it's there.

Time to make a deal with China.

Their economy is taking a down swing and the factories are hurting.    Time to wash out some money and make some deals.   We owe them and they need us to buy more.   Deal up the cards.

Talking about tits!

I have to stay at work very late tonight to make everyone feel better....


Naked Goth Girl Monster Tits

Why can't they use their card to watch strippers?

Those nanny state people are trying to take the right of our fellow NYS friends from having the time of their lives.    Right now most of them can and will hit the strip clubs to enjoy dome T & A on our check.    Good for them.    They also can buy some well needed supplies we all need.    Like lotto cards.   What the hell?   Isn't that what America is about?   Enjoying time now and here!

How can you take away this from a fellow person?    Look at those pimple marks on that ass.

Just as I thought....Booze and Crack makes the world go round.    How can you say no?

What's next?    No male sex workers?    What?  How could we?

This fine young lady keep't collecting well after winning the lotto.   Why  not?

I mean look at this guy and how the lotto changed his life.    It's all good.

I want people to have what they want to eat.      It's good for everyone, including the stores.

Top it off with new tits and hell you have a well rounded system.


See the happy little dude mowing with his rider?   Well that isn't me.    Mine blew up last night about half way into the job.    The dam thing couldn't at least waited till the job was done!   It ran funny and banged like someone hit the insides with a hammer.    Fuck it's done!

The man that saved Earth is gone!

Slilm Whitman  Times-Union file

Slim is dead!    Man I thought he was dead years ago.    Now he really is.

                                 Slim saved our bacon during the Mar's attacks.

                                 Here's the song that slim used to save us.

Hey I have really not given you any good sex...

One good reason to like the rain.

Watertown is making money off the rain do to the extra power the river has produced.   Yes I have to mow the yard twice a week.   Still the city could use the cash.   Win Win!

Sweet thing got herself in the shit.

Former Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon

Playboy bunny (FRAKING HOT!) decided to help her good for nothing boyfriend into our country from Canada.    All I can say is she was stupid.    Plenty of guys over here already who are more then ready to do anything for that sweet young thing.   STUPID!

Three naughty girls enjoying summer!

Man and I mean enjoying it.

Good news....You can go down on your girl.

 "Stock Photo: Cannes, France - May 21: Actors Michael Douglas Attends The 'Behind The Candelabra' Photocall During The 66th Cannes Film Festival At The Palais Des Festivals On May 21, 2013 In Cannes, France." on Shutterstock:

It's turning into a good day for Mike.   He can continue his oral sex and not worry about cancer.    Hey...Good for him.

Look at the doesn't look like fun.

Okay maybe it can be.

Stomp on Little Wayne!

Lil Wayne publicity 2011 1 P

Why can't dudes who are not bad at singing just fraking sing?    Stepping on America's flag in public?   Why not just take your money and burn it?    Because face it Wayne....You can poop on your mom and no one cares.   You mess with the flag and you might as well start planning on working in TV ads late at night.
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