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Congress has the right to have your health records?

I know I have to sign a form for my doctor now so my wife can get a copy of any medical records I have with any doctor in NYS.    But Congress suggests it would be good for my doctor to tell them or the state if they feel I am having mental heath issues?    We have no more rights to privacy because it might help them with a very small part of our community at large.    I'm for being safe.   I'm for stopping the attacks that have happened in the past.   But to give up the right to have your records kept private is crazy.    I never think about hurting anyone.   But I sure wouldn't see the need for NYS to know I had bad dreams once or twice.    Or I felt sad.   Many other things that are no one's bees wax.    

Get out of our heads man!

Here's one of the biggest problems when government is allowed to see records on mental health...

People who really need help won't go get it if they know some government spook will get their records and know everything about them.   Who the hell could blame them!
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